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Carpet Ball

Carpet Ball, sometimes called Carpetball, is a great game that can be played by the whole family. Many youth centers that offer Carpet Ball report that it quickly becomes the most-used game by kids of all ages. Detailed Carpet Ball Rules are available, but here's how to play in a nutshell. It's a simple game played with standard billiard balls. Each player gets five balls to arrange any way they want. At both ends of the table is a pit area where the balls fall into when knocked by the cue ball.

As a player, you simply take turns throwing/rolling the cue ball at your opponent's balls knocking them into the pit. Once all of your opponent's balls have been knocked into their pit area, you win. However, your opponent gets one more chance to tie the game. They roll at your balls; if they miss, the game is over and you win. If they knock one of your remaining balls into the pit, they get another chance. They keep taking one chance at a time untill either they miss (in which case you win) or all of your balls are in the pit (in which case it's a tie).

Detailed Carpet Ball Rules (PDF)

Texas Flip-it

Texas Flip-it is a fast paced game, in which, the object is to score the ball in your opponent's 24" goal using two 6" paddles. If the ball leaves the table and hits an object and returns to play area it is considered still in play. If the ball does not come back to the play area, it is then dropped back into play by the nearest opponent. Texas Flip-it can be played from minimal of three points to ten points depending on demand of game table. Additional house rules can be created.